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Offer partying Szklarska Poreba

Pokoje Gościnne "Karpielówka"

Offer partying Szklarska Poreba

Szklarska Poreba is not a large urban centers, this mountain village situated at the foot of the Giant has a little more than six thousand inhabitants. This makes, however, that all of us here know each other well, are nice, friendly and helpful, and besides coming out of the numerous initiatives by which the city each year is visited by more and more likely to tourists who come from outside the borders of our country. Many events in Szklarska Poreba, which is usually organized by the city will provide an unforgettable entertainment - worth noticing is there also no small share of the local community.

In Szklarska Poreba There are many annual events, which are designed to acquaint visitors and locals belonging to the younger generations with the history of the region, its culture and art - as well as provide an opportunity for great fun at the traditional cuisine and music.

There are also completely different type of event, aimed primarily at providing the audience entertainment. In addition to open-air festivals and biesiadami worth the attention of the many pubs, discos and clubs where every weekend in season, you can have fun every day, even to the death with dance music, and playful. To know precisely the location of the different clubs we have with each other Szklarska Poreba map of the city, where everything is clearly and visibly marked - having it in your hand you need not worry that you lose or get lost!
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Pokoje Gościnne Karpielówka
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